Please download the Stuntbyte JDBC Driver, Deployment Tool, and IDE now:

Download now!

If you just want to use the IDE, you're done (although you'll need to follow the installation instructions on the IDE page). To use the JDBC Driver or Deployment tool you'll need to choose a licence, which comes in a couple of flavours, including free options:

Free forever! But lobotomised

If you only want to use the SELECT statement, and you never want to return more than 50 rows, this licence might be for you. You can't do deployments, and you can't do INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE, but you don't have to pay any money -- that's always good!


Personal Licence

If you want a licence that you'll never have to renew, or think this software is worth supporting, please use the PayPal link below and we'll send your licence as soon as possible. Please note that Personal Licences are intended for adhoc interactive use by a human being.

Personal Licences are tied to an individual user, but not to an single instance of Salesforce, so we need to know your name as it appears in Salesforce. You might like to take a look in the top-right-corner of any Salesforce page just to double-check it is spelled correctly!

Your name in Salesforce

Corporate Licence

If you want to use the JDBC driver throughout your Organisation, or as part of your regular IT processes, such as within an integration tool, or embedded within custom code, we'd request that you ask for an Corporate Licence.

Don't worry though -- they're still pretty cheap!

We require the name of your Organisation, as defined within Salesforce on the "Company Profile | Company Information" page:

Organisation name in Salesforce

Download now!

Thanks for your support.